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You may have noticed recently that we have expanded our range of promotional marketing products. As one of the best regarded suppliers of branded items in the UK, we strive to offer the best products available to our valued resellers.

To do this, we are constantly improving the range of premium products we can supply to you. We frequently add new items for you to choose from for your clients.

During the recent period of uncertainty, we used the time to improve our offering. The new items are the perfect way for your clients to showcase their brand and boost their marketing.

Our New Promotional Marketing Products

The new range of custom promotional marketing products that we have recently added include drinkware, pens and soap dispensers. We always try to add items that are relevant to the wider market, keeping with the latest trends.



Amongst our recent updates, we added even more drinkware products that work within the circular economy. Sustainability as a trend is not going anywhere. If anything, we can see that this is only going to grow in the coming years.

The new drinkware items that we supply were created with sustainability and usability in mind. The Topl coffee cups feature an automatic locking feature that stops any liquid from escaping. Lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe, these cups are made from stainless steel and BPA free plastic.

As well as these, we now supply Circular & Co Reusable Coffee Cups. These items are designed to be used for 10 years and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Designed with practicality and circularity in mind, these travel mugs are completely leakproof.

The outer thermal insulation layer of Circular Cup is made from used paper coffee cups, saving hundreds of single-use paper cups from landfills. The cups are BPA and melamine free, and every purchase funds a sustainable solution to global waste.

And we have added more than just coffee cups!

Camelbak® water bottles are now made with Tritanä Renew technology, which uses 50% recycled material in place of fossil-based resources. We have also expanded our range with the Horizon ™ collection and Multibev ® travel water bottle.



Following on from our sustainable and reusable drinkware products, we now also offer eco-friendly pens. The Maxema® Eco Friendly & Recycled range offers style, quality and respect for the environment all in one. The recycled pens are made from post consumer products and write for over 2000m.

As well as these pens, we now supply the Maxema® Antibac range. The antibacterial pens have a special certified antimicrobial additive and the ABS plastic they are made from prevents bacteria from settling on the pen surface.

Other ranges that we have added include Ezee-Write and Marathon ball pens. Both of these pens offer outstanding writing experiences and can be branded with your client’s company logo or marketing campaign.

Soap Dispensers


To help businesses through these difficult times, we also added soap dispensers to our range of promotional marketing products. The UK government continues to issue guidelines around staying safe through COVID-19.

One of the recommendations includes washing your hands regularly. In commercial settings and public areas, this could be quite difficult due to a lack of hand washing facilities. Soap dispensers filled with antibacterial gel are the best way for businesses to ensure that the necessary hygiene measures are in place.

Our range of soap dispensers include models to suit all environments. Whether you have clients with large open expanses or tighter spaces, we have a solution to meet your requirements. All our sanitiser dispensers have ample space for full colour branding and are fully customisable.

Why You Should Consider New Promotional Marketing Products

It is important to source new, high-quality products for your clients. By offering new and popular promotional items, you expand the possibilities for brilliant marketing that leaves a long lasting impression.

In these difficult times, it is more vital than ever that we do all we can to support our valued customers. As people are staying indoors more and avoiding busy spaces, promotional marketing products could be the way to get your clients’ messages out there.

To remain competitive, businesses need to provide experiences that resonate with people. Using branded merchandise that falls in line with the latest trends could be the thing that sets your customers apart from others. Antibacterial products and sustainable items do just this.

Printed merchandise is a brilliant long-term investment, offering repeated exposure for a minimal one-time cost.

We only supply the highest quality products. By offering your customer premium products, it will help to build trust and longer lasting relationships. Great items result in improved loyalty between not only you and your clients, but for them and their customers too.

Order Your New Promotional Marketing Products

We have over 30 years of experience in the branded products industry and can create branded promotional products that best suit the client and their values. Our expertise means that we can create promotional items to suit different industries and environments.

It is our role to help make your life easier by pairing high quality products with exciting branding strategies and compelling marketing messages.

If you would like to know more about the products we supply, please get in touch. We will be happy to talk through branding ideas for products for your clients in more detail.

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