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Having soap dispensers in commercial environments is as important as ever. The effects of the pandemic mean that businesses across the United Kingdom need to consider robust hygiene practices. This includes providing the appropriate antibacterial hand sanitiser equipment to staff and customers.

Two of the most popular options of soap for hand dispensers include foam and spray. Both types are designed for efficient cleaning and disinfection.

Here, we look deeper into which of these types of soaps is better suited for your business soap dispensers.

What Are the Differences Between Spray and Foam Soap?

These two types of hand wash can be used in many different situations. Depending on your situation and who your clientele is will decide what type of soap is your best choice.

Though there are many similarities between the two types of soap, there are varied advantages and disadvantages to both types. Let us take you through them in this next section.

Spray Soap Dispensers

An effective way to ensure staff and customers are washing their hands effectively, spray soap is a very popular choice for dispensers in the UK. Spray soap is a solution that is dispensed through a concentrated spray mechanism.

The spray can be activated either by manually pushing a lever or automatically. Ideal for washrooms and other public spaces, these soap dispensers help prevent the spread of germs as the spray soap offers complete hand coverage.


Unlike liquid soap dispensers, spray hand wash offers a drip-free solution. The soap comes in a sealed bag, prevent leakages. This means that soap will not drip out of the dispenser, minimising any unwanted wastage.

These sealed bags lend themselves to quick and easy refilling. They prevent clogging which may occur with other liquid soaps, ensuring easy management of any dispensers that are filled with them.

One other advantage of spray soap is that ideal for places with high numbers of people. The dispensers control the dosage of each spray so that users receive the correct amount of soap to clean efficiently.


The downside of spray soaps and the refills is that it is not the most environmentally sustainable option. Refills come in disposable bags that end up in the bin. If you have a high footfall in your commercial environments, then you are going to get through a lot of these bags.

Foam Soap Dispensers

Foaming soap is a form of liquid hand soap. Infused with air, the soap leaves the dispenser as a rich and foamy lather. It has become very popular in recent years and can be seen in commercial and public spaces everywhere.

This type of soap can be used in manual and automatic dispensers. These use two pumps to infuse air and soap to create the lather. Foam soap is used in many environments including hospitals, schools and nursing homes.


One advantage that foam soap has over spray soap is that it is more cost-effective. Because it comes out as a lather, people will use less water in the hand washing process. As well as this, less soap comes out of the dispenser so you will not need to replenish stocks as regularly as with spray soap.

Another great thing about foaming hand wash is that is a lot thinner than liquid or spray soap. It is less likely to clog drains and creates less waste. As people use less soap for the same benefits, people are prone to use the product more efficiently.

On top of this, foam soap is seen as a more fun and positive handwashing experience compared to others. The texture means there is little residue leftover after a wash. Also, most foam hand wash contains moisturisers to battle dry hands. These benefits may encourage more people to use the soap dispenser regularly.


Some concern has been raised about foam soap as research has shown that this type of soap may be less effective than liquid soap. As the soap comes out of the dispenser as a lather, less soap is being dispensed, leading to people not fully decontaminating their hands.

Which Type of Soap Should You Use for Your Hand Wash Dispensers?

When it comes to choosing the type of soap to use in your dispensers, there are some important factors to take into consideration. Think through what kind of footfall you expect, the environment the dispensers will be placed and the people using the products.

Ultimately the choice of what mechanism to use is down to the individual factors of each space. We recommend that you consider factors that affect maintenance, refilling and clean up. You want to choose a product that is good for your staff and users.

The Team at Premier Brands Can Help

Recently, we added branded soap dispensers to our product range. These dispensers work with more hand hygiene products than any other on the market, including foam and spray soap options.

If you are still unsure about what type of soap to use in your dispensers, please contact the team. We will be happy to advise based on information about your commercial settings.

We have over 30 years of experience in the promotional products industry. Using our unrivalled expertise, we supply high quality products with exciting branding, including branded hand dispensers.

If you would like to know more about the merchandise we supply, check out our product pages.

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