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What’s the difference between Stroll and SpillSafe®?

The main difference between Stroll and SpillSafe® lies in the design of the lids.

Both feature the patented 360° design that allows you to sip from any angle however, stroll comes with a transparent lid, offering a clear view of the contents, while SpillSafe® does not have this feature.

Stroll is well-suited for your daily strolls or commutes, providing a convenient way to sip on the go.

SpillSafe® includes an additional patented anti-spillage technology, making it an ideal choice for use in the workplace.

Topl Stroll 12oz Tall

Stroll Cups Are Designed for Sipping & Strolling. They Have a Unique 360-sipping Lid for That Oh-so-natural Drink Experience.

Keeps Drink Hot for 1 Hour & Cold for 6 Hours.


  • Slick, minimalist design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to Clean: Cap and vessel dishwasher-safe
  • Drink Clean: BPA, BPS, and BPF free


Capacity: 12oz | 354ml
Material: Stainless Steel & BPA-free plastic
Closure: 360-degree smart lid
Collection: Sustainable drinkware
Activity: Everyday & Outdoor
BPA-free: Yes
Dimensions: Base width 59mm, Overall height 151mm
Weight: 265g

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