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Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Black Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Black Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Navy Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Stone Blue Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Sage Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Rising Sun Plain
Leuchtturm Softcover Paperback (B6+) - Lilac Plain

LEUCHTTURM1917 Softcover Paperback (B6+)

The perfect companion for all notebook-lovers who want to write in ink and always have their notebook to hand. The softcover notebooks not only have a flexible cover but also feature numbered pages and are significantly lighter than the classic hardcover notebooks. Despite being lighter and more flexible, they still offer the same great functional details of the hardcover version.

*Pencil is for size reference and does not come as standard.


  • Softcover
  • Available in Lined, Dotted, or Plain Paper
  • Two Page Markers Included
  • High Grade Paper with Numbered Pages and a Content Page
  • No Bleeding from Most Pens, Including Fountain Pens
  • Stylish Colour Range


Branding: Deboss, Foil Block & 1 Colour Spot Print
Pages: 123 Numbered Pages
Paper Size: A6
Collection: Leuchtturm1917
Cover: Softcover
Dimensions: 125 x 190 mm
Paper Weight: 80 g/sqm (Ink-Proof Paper)
Notebook Weight: 180g

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