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    100 billion single-use cups go to landfill each year. Ecoffee Cup® is a new generation of the takeaway cup. Environmentally responsible. Ecoffee Cup is made with natural, hard-formed Polylactic Acid (PLA), a bio-polymer created from 100% renewable, plant-based materials such as sugar, corn and potato starches. No excuse for single use.

    Ecoffee Cup®

    Ecoffee Cup®

    Ecoffee Cup®

    Ecoffee Cup®

    Ecoffee Cup®

    Elegance and practicality

    Softail Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

    Softail Short
    Ecoffee Cup Softail Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

    Elegance, practicality and more capacity!

    Softail Tall Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

    Softail Tall
    Ecoffee Cup Softail Tall Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

    Carry your drink in style

    Hardback Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

    Hardback Ecoffee Cup Vacuum Bottle Gert Frobe 0.5L

    Ecoffee Cup Hardback Hot/Cold Vacuum Bottle

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