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SIGG’s tradition of Swiss craftsmanship dates back to its very first aluminium bottle. Despite their focus on tradition, SIGG is constantly enhancing their products through contemporary innovation, attaining cult status.

SIGG thinks about tomorrow and acts today by developing durable and stylish bottles, whilst supporting projects that promote sustainability.

Premier Brands is proud to provide superior-quality SIGG products that can be personalised as promotional merchandise for your brand.

SIGG’s History of Swiss Craftmanship

SIGG’s Foundation:

In 1908, Ferdinand Sigg, a metalworking specialist, and his friend, Xaver Kung, worked together to establish an aluminium goods factory in Biel.

Sigg and Küng were pioneers, believing that aluminium was the material of the future (how right they were!). After only a year of product production Sigg, Küng, and Cie employ a team of 30 people, moving their company to Frauenfeld in 1917. Küng later left the company, and it was renamed ‘SIGG AG Aluminiumwarenfabrik’.

At this point, SIGG was already selling an immense range of products, including, pots, pans, teacups, and household products such as the now-infamous, water bottle. Featuring well over 10,000 products, SIGG found themselves with a great deal of excess and waste materials; particularly aluminium.

During the resource-scarce war years, a new meaningful use for valuable raw material is sought and found, and SIGG develops a bottle!

Developing the Durable and Stylish SIGG bottle:

In the 1960s, design became an important aspect of all SIGG products. Their product assortment and their overall product range were majorly reduced. Instead, SIGG focused on the design and manufacturing of now-classic SIGG products such as the Traveller screw top.

The Revolution of SIGG Colour Drinking Bottles

The classic SIGG drinking bottle is still considered the epitome of a reusable aluminium drinking bottle. In the 1980s, SIGG’s first single-colour coated drinking bottles were produced.

SIGG expanded with new product development in the 1990s, with items such as the 0.75L aluminium sports bottle along with the innovative three-stage sports top.

SIGG and The Museum of Modern Art

SIGG’s Original Swiss Traveller Bottle is a Swiss original, produced locally in Switzerland at their Frauenfeld facility. The SIGG bottle exhibits a world-shattering design, whilst the SIGG brand is an example of unbeatable manufacturing performance.

The SIGG bottle was introduced into the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City in 1993.

The First Branded SIGG Bottles

In 1996 SIGG began sponsoring famous sports events, increasing brand exposure, and physically placing their bottles into their target audience’s hands.

One-off SIGG bottles were created for events such as the Air & Style Contest, Quiksilver Roxy Jam and the Mountain Bike World Cup, boasting both SIGG’s and the event’s logos.

With only a few hundred items designed and manufactured for each event, SIGG harboured a sense of desire and rarity in their customers, stimulating a passion for the SIGG bottle collection.

SIGG Event Bottles are now regarded as rare pieces in expert circles!

Making SIGG Bottles Iconic

After an investor group had taken over SIGG, the company became the world market leader in aluminium drinking bottles- making this SIGG’s focus for the future.

SIGG then created a number of Limited Edition bottles, including the “Swiss Cross“– the most exclusive bottle of 2003.

With the same functionality as the classic SIGG bottles, limited edition designs furthered SIGG’s brand exclusivity with functional collector’s items.

100 Years of SIGG Bottles

In 2008, SIGG celebrated its 100th anniversary. With a market presence in over 40 countries and being the market leader in the aluminium drinking bottle segment, that’s surely something worth celebrating!

Expanding the Market

In 2016, SIGG was acquired by a stainless steel vacuum bottle manufacturer in China. With access to the fast-growing Chinese market and its knowledge of stainless steel, polypropylene and Tritan products, the new parent company was SIGG’s best move.

Despite their expansion, SIGG’s aluminium bottles continue to be manufactured at SIGG’s headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, sticking to their high standards of excellence in Swiss craftsmanship and design.

Now in 2023, SIGG has over 115 years of excellence in creating stylish and durable bottles that are made to last.

SIGG offers products that are not solely functional but also colourful and personable. With the help of Premier Brands, we can help you to brand SIGG bottles with your logo or business information.

SIGG products can be engraved or printed in a single colour to suit your requirements. Choose the perfect colour, add the logo, and brand messaging to make your SIGG water bottle stand out!

SIGG’s range of Durable and Stylish Bottles is available in different sizes and looks:

Shield One 0.75L & 1L

Total Clear One 0.75L

Total Colour 0.6L & 1L

Traveller 0.6L & 1L

For more information on the products we offer, or for guidance on branding methods, please get in touch. Our branding experts will be happy to discuss product ideas for your clients in more detail. You can email us at or call us directly on 01273 512512. Alternatively, we will respond quickly to any messages that are submitted through our contact form.

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