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Sustainability to go

Ultra-modern bottles for on the go are transparent like glass, but indestructible and much lighter – and now even more sustainable! We’re refashioning the Total Clear One collection into Total Clear One MyPlanet™, which focuses on transparency, both in its visual design, as well as its commitment to sustainability.

Circulation instead of stagnation

It looks like PET, but it’s not. Tritan™ is the durable alternative to PET – just as lightweight and transparent, but more robust, more dishwasher-safe, and longer lasting. Sounds good, works even better. Tritan™ Renew from Eastman revolutionizes plastic recycling. Molecular recycling technology breaks down plastic waste into its basic chemical building blocks, enabling an infinite recycling loop. That means less plastic waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

SIGG – Total Clear One MyPlanet

Total Clear One MyPlanet™ is here to stay. It is available in 0.75 L and offers impressive, scratch-resistant clarity, robust durability, and a useful ONE (one-hand) cap. SIGG ensures that plastic amounting to 50% of the weight of the bottle is recycled in new consumer goods during the manufacturing process.

Molecular recycling is visually reflected in the bottle’s design. The smaller the plastic grain, the more visually detailed the bottle. Rich colours against a clear background catch the eye without blocking the view – you’ll always know how much liquid is in the bottle. This makes the Total Clear One MyPlanet™ a must-have for anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and their environment.


  • Made from 50% certified recycled material.
  • This SIGG product is dishwasher safe.
  • All ingredients are BPA Free.
  • This SIGG product is totally leakproof.


Capacity: 0.75L
Weight: 164g
Diameter: 7.2cm
Height: 29.7cm
Country of origin: China

Don’t forget to offset

The Total Clear One MyPlanet™ stays true to its BPA- and toxin-free material but offsets 50% of its weight through the use of Tritan™ Renew. With every bottle produced, SIGG ensures that an amount of plastic equal to 50% of the bottle’s weight is collected and molecularly recycled into new consumer products. Together with SIGG’S partner Eastman, they are currently looking into solutions to actually include recycled material in our bottles in the future!

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        Brand it your way.

        The SIGG – Total Clear One MyPlanet product can be printed in a single colour to suit your client requirements! Choose the perfect colour, add the logo and brand messaging to make the SIGG – Total Clear One MyPlanet truly stand out from the crowd.

        If you’d like to see a draft of how your new SIGG – Total Clear One MyPlanet‘s will look, simply enter your details by clicking the ‘Request Mock-up’ tab below the product description and our team will create a mock-up for you to share with your team.

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