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Wondering why you should use SIGG?

For over one hundred years, SIGG has established itself as a leading, environmentally conscious and high-quality brand all over the world. SIGG and their extended partners are dedicated to doing just one thing – producing and customizing the world’s best water bottles for you and the planet. Everyone recognizes the original SIGG drinking bottle. Its distinctive, internationally renowned design has elevated it to fan favourite and a great advertising medium for enhancing brand visibility.

SIGG bottles are not only useful for your adventures but aid in the journey to saving the planet by avoiding unnecessary plastic waste via single-use plastic bottles. For SIGG, sustainability is an ongoing process that requires continuous motion, determination and progress.

They think about tomorrow and act today by developing climate-neutral products and supporting projects that promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

Premier Brands is proud to provide SIGG products and drink bottles that can be personalised as promotional merchandise for your brand and customers.

What SIGG Bottle is right for you?

The Traveller:

SIGG’s Traveller bottle is the perfect travel companion for explorers, adventurers, and innovators.
This original Swiss bottle features a classic design, maintaining SIGG’s elegance, simplicity, and practicality. It is made from a single piece of 100% recycled, high-quality aluminium, making it incredibly light, but shockingly strong.

The Traveller Benefits:

– Practical screw cap
– Can be carried with just one finger
– BPA Free
– Suitable for carbonated and uncarbonated drinks
– Climate Neutral
– Leak proof
– Built with food-safe materials

The Traveller Bottle is available in 0.6L and 1L sizes.

Total Colour:

SIGG’s Total Colour bottle has an innovative one-hand top for athletes and commuters, making it highly comfortable for everyday use.
Available in various colours, the bottle’s sporty design is lightweight and naturally free of chemicals, for safer drinking.

Total Colour Benefits:

– Available in 5 colours
– Extra-large drinking opening
– Open, drink, close and seal with one hand
– Lightweight
– Odour neutral
– Climate Neutral
– Leak proof
– Dishwasher safe

The Total Colour Bottle is available in 0.6L and 1L sizes.

Total Clear One MyPlanet:

For the planet warrior, SIGG’s Total Clear One MyPlanet bottle is scratch-resistant, robust and made from 50% certified recycled material.
The bottle’s creation from recycled material is visually reflected in its design. The smaller the plastic grain, the more visually detailed it becomes – this bottle is sure to catch your eye.

Total Clear One MyPlanet Benefits:

– Made from 50% certified recycled material
– Scratch-resistant
– Open, drink, close and seal with one hand
– Dishwasher safe
– BPA Free
– Leak proof

The Total Clear One MyPlanet Bottle is available in a 0.75L size.

Shield One:

The perfect alternative to disposable water bottles, SIGG’s Shield One bottle is single-walled and recyclable, made from 18/8 stainless steel.
The bottle protects the mouthpiece from dust and dirt, making it the perfect, stylish and sustainable option for everyday use.

Shield One Benefits:

– Single-walled
– Recyclable
– Made from 18/8 Stainless Steel
– Suitable for carbonated and uncarbonated drinks
– Leak proof
– BPA Free
– Food Safe

The Shield One Bottle is available in 0.75L and 1L sizes.

To offer a wide range of drinking bottles in all shapes and sizes, SIGG is using different materials to meet everyone’s expectations. From Aluminium to Stainless Steel, Tritan and Polypropylene, regardless of which bottle you choose, SIGG materials are BPA-free, free of other harmful pollutants, offer optimal hygienic conditions and are recyclable.

SIGG products can be printed in a single colour to suit your requirements. Choose the perfect colour, add the logo, and brand messaging to make your SIGG water bottle stand out!

For more information on the products we offer, or for guidance on branding methods, please get in touch. Our branding experts will be happy to discuss product ideas for your clients in more detail. You can email us at or call us directly on 01273 512512. Alternatively, we will respond quickly to any messages that are submitted through our contact form.

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